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My lawyer informs me we are Patent Pending on the Dungeon Terrain, which gets me antsy to show you them prototypes. I’m still putting some finishing touches to the Terrain, and expect to get some production models to play around with, within a month or so. In the meantime I’ve ran a small batch of Book Boxes through some laser beams here and filled an order to a local gaming shop. Pictures of those are included in the “Cases For Many Things” section of the Gaming Products page. I handed them over before I could get some really good product shots in, so I’ll have another small batch made soon with intent to shoot some photos. When I can upload those images to the products in the store, I’ll open it up for Pre-Ordering.

I expect that all Pre-Orders will be filled by end of August- and at that time we’ll be converting to Craft-And-Ship-As-Ordered. For those that DO pre-order, I will be able to make some products in small batches and have them shipped out before August… it will just depend on the product and the timing. At least I can be up front while I’m waiting for my heavy machinery to arrive rather than using 3rd party equipment…. order fulfillment timing is dependent on that.

And so with that, I will take my leave of blogging about this and get back to work.

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  1. What are you expecting for an estimate on prices for the terrain tile sets? I am interested but would like to know what I might be looking at.

    • Wooden Set for 12 tiles would probably be in the 200-250 dollar range, hand made, takes about 10 hours to cut and put together. Clear plexiglass about the same, a little easier to assemble, however more costly material. Working on moldcasting prototypes, when I’ve got that ready, would be about 100 dollars a set of 12 plates, and would be of a casted poly-ethyline material… similar to that of a golf ball.

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