At the Conventions!

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I had attended the first ever Chapel Con in Albert Lea Minnesota just over a month ago.  It was a real terrific experience and and the cosplayers were amazing!  Chapel Con was hosted by The Chapel, a comic shop there in town, and will now be a regular annual occurrence in southern Minnesota. I shared a booth with my friend Victor Gilmore of VG Sprays.  He’s a talented spray paint artist and I was enlisted to help make some laser cut stencils for his projects.

We are joining forces again to go to Lion Con in St. Cloud Minnesota this weekend!  Please check us out in the Artist Row section of the vendors.  Our good friends at the Iscevari Marketplace Gaming and Meta shop will also be in attendance, one row over.

A customer had asked for a custom order of dice boxes as a gift for The Damsels of Dorkington, a Comedy/Acting/Singing Troupe that have regular podcasts and attend Conventions for entertainment. They were recently seen at GenCon.  GenCon is a massive convention over in Ohio, and just had it’s 50th anniversary. Needless to say, they loved the personalized gift, as proclaimed on their Youtube podcast recapping the con.

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