I insist that the flat world will be NO MORE!

No longer will game night be ruined by a spilled can of soda. No longer will the Dungeon Master have to spend hours meticulously planning the next dungeon. With prototypes that were made with laser beams, these dungeon terrain tiles will bring much needed MASSIVE three dimensional dungeons to your tabletop adventures.

Each set will contain 12-(twelve) 8×8 inch terrain plates, for a total of 768 square inches of tabletop dungeon goodness. The have an arrangement of interlocking teeth, that allows them to flawlessly connect with each other in each cardinal orientation.  The teeth also interlock with various accessory items such as extra walls(to close off an open plate edge) and stairs to truly elevate your gaming experience.

Made from casted polyester resin, they will have a hardness equivalent of a golf ball, the soft smoothness of your standard polyhedral dice, and will take to acrylic paints like any plastic miniature. They will come in any number of base colors for preference, and will be easily painted. For those that do not paint however, they will resist any spilled citrus soda and be easily washed. /wink

Floor grid-lines are etched into the base of the tileplates. At this time, I have decided that simpler is more universal, and while I have named them as locations, you certainly are not restricted to running a campaign with the name of the theme in mind. keeping textures off of the walls and ceiling, these tileplates can be used for any tabletop roleplaying game that utilizes the 28mm scale miniatures or otherwise would have need for a 1 inch grid system. Use them for DnD, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Dragon Ball GURPS- whatever you want…. it matters not.


Each set will come with some accessories that are worth mentioning.

Ruins set will include the standard 12 plates, plus an assortment of textured door pieces.

Cavern set will include 8 standard plates, 4 special plates with a recess for large water, lava, or acid colored acrylic tiles to be inserted. additional colored tiles will be included for “spillover” onto normal terrain squares. A pair of stairs and some extra wallplates are included.

Tower set includes 9 standard plates, 3 special plates with a sliding wall that will reveal a hidden passage when moved. This set includes multiple stairs and wallplates.

Jail set includes 10 standard plates, 2 special plates with a 6 inch rotating disc, allowing the DM to control access to adjoining rooms and adding additional puzzle elements. A pair of stairs, some wallplates, and an assortment of doors/bars will be included.


And this is just the beginning!  I have many more plans to expand this patent pending terrain system with many more sets and individual tiles. Let me know what you’d like to see!

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